The Vignettes page is where you can write about your memories of our school years--whatever they may be. There is no format--just go with whatever memories you have. This page has/had been pending ever since I started the "Reunion Site." This even ing I got an email from Elmer Chick (10/12/2001) and as I read through it, I knew it was just what I was looking for.

Mr. Snipe was a short dark headed 7th grade teacher that wore 3 inch elevator shoes because most of us were taller than he ... his class was the last one on the right just before the high school doors... Our grade school janitor's name was Mr. Bowers... had fingers missing on his right hand... we also had a seventh grade teacher named Miss Meehan from Brookline Massachusetts.. all the guys drooled over her figure... played a lot of tennis... I also remember the cute small blond in the center of row two was Carolyn Bruton I believe..of the first grade picture. our seventh grade industrial arts teacher was Mr. Mercer... and our Spanish teacher was Miss Lucero I believe...and of course the principal was Miss Sherd... I can never remember our Algebra teacher but maybe it will come to me in a few...

Elmer Chick -- 10/12/2001

Helen Drake taught either 7th or 8th grade, (9th Grade?) but her name wasn't Drake until she married Keith Drake, our high school English and Social Studies teacher. I don't remember what her name was when she first started. (Campbell) Those two dated for quite a while, trying to keep it hidden but I don't think they fooled many of us.

My third grade teacher was a Mrs. Cooper, who quit after the 1st or 2nd six-weeks to have a baby. She was replaced by Miss Berry. Also I believe that Mr. Sipe's first name was Charlie, not Norman. He played volleyball with my dad and a bunch of guys, and the amazing thing was he could jump just as high as Beverly Billingslea to spike a ball. (Elmer's email has his name as "Snipe", heh heh.)

Carl Porath was principal of Delta High School at first, followed by Rex Raney when the Poraths moved to Denver. Ted Wigram was Vice Principal, which I always took to be Principal in charge of Vice. P.F. Thomas taught Social Studies and History, and I remember him because he liked to send me to the principal's office. I walked into class snapping my fingers one day and he told me to stop. I said "It keeps the elephants away". He said we didn't have any elephants and I said, "see, it works!" It was worth a trip to the office.

(Billy) Dave Howard

Lets see. I remember our football team beating the pants off Montrose, we went to state, I think it was that game that Brian Harder broke a leg because one of their players stomped on him. We tore their goal posts to splinters and carried them home, the following weekend they came down and sawed ours off at ground level. I remember dancing with Dolly Parson in physical ed class when we were learning to waltz and how much she laughed. There were bus rides with the band, endlessly telling jokes and bottles of liquor that no one ever owned up to sneaking on the bus. Someone put a water snake in Toni T's locker, she let out a beller and fainted because the poor cold thing crawled out on her hand. A number of times there was dirty underwear from the boys locker room stuffed in the speakers upstairs. Miss. Good used to go home for lunch at one o'clock and leave me in charge of the library, talk about fun. I used to make up late slips on books and carry them with me all the time in case Mrs. Ebersol caught me running the halls. I remember swiping a bunch of toilet paper so we could toilet paper Mr. Negleys car, we had one problem, it began to rain. About that time his wife walked to the front window and we had to run next to the house and hide under a brick window sill getting soaked. One time we went to toilet paper Rex Raney's car. We pulled up in the back yard real quiet and got out of the car. We got about half way from the car to his house and the back door burst open and here he come, his bath robe standing straight out behind him as he ran, scared the liven crap out of us and we took off with him screaming at the top of his lungs. I recall his boxer shorts had pokadots, lol.

One of the guys lost his shoe and had to go back and get it with this wild man running at him waving his fists in the air, he dove in the window of the car as we screeched out down the road. Turns out his wife was up with a toothache that night, just our luck. Then we found out someone had broken a window in his house a few nights before and he thought we were looking to do damage which was not at all the case. I remember finding dead cats and putting them on the hood of a guy's car with a cigarette in their mouth. I'm not sure why I did that one, seemed like a good thing to do at the time. He had a fender bender and was sure it was because of those cats someone kept putting on his hood, I told him I doubted that had anything to do with it. Course he didn't know it was me, shoot it was all in fun I never hurt anybody, wasn't my fault he couldn't watch where he was going. I best stop here with all the stuff I did or I won't be able to go back to Delta.

Carol Border Buckallew

I saw something the other day about "drunk as a skunk" and it reminded me of when a few of us found out about skunk drunk. Buddy Webb's folks were gone and a bunch of us got together at his house to play cards and drink beer. He had a pet skunk that acted a lot like a cat. Anyhow, the skunk wouldn't leave so someone gave it some beer in a saucer. Man that skunk took a liking to the beer so we all kept on giviing it more. Finally it began to stagger around and fell over with it's feet still going. Don't remember for sure who was there that night . Think maybe Bill (Dave) (I guess we should just start calling him B.D. now) Howard was one. I think there were 5 or 6 of us. Maybe anyone who remembers can help with this recollection.

Ron Hendricks

I just remembered another story that I would like to share... with the class mates ... and Ron Hendricks... even tho he may deny this... I doubt it...

One night ... a group of us were tooling down the main street of the ole Delta town... myself, Ron, Buddy Webb, Chuck Ellis I believe and one other.... can't remember who else... anyway we were just minding our own business,,,,, yeah right... when we decided to have some fun... ... we went over to Joes Cafe on main and got a bottle of ketchup from him and when we went back out to Rons52 ford we put Buddy Webb in the trunk and poured ketchup down his arm and then closed the trunk lid lightly on his arm and had him hold it closed while we took off... after a couple of passes down main street we couldn't stir anything up... so just in front of Terrell's Cafe ... Ron stopped the Ford and I jumped out and ran to the back of the car and opened the trunk and threw Buddys arm into the trunk and closed the lid... and then I noticed a little ole lady standing there... boy did we have a surprise coming ... I ran and got back in the car and we peeled out of there and went around the corner and stopped to let Buddy get up front ... and then we began to cruise main again..... after about ten minutes... all of a sudden there was red lights behind us .... old Saltysak was on our tail... being a dutiful driver Ron pulled over and stopped... lo and behold here came salty with his pistol drawn and slowly walking up to the car.... don't know which of us were the most scared.... he took us all down to the old jail and read the riot act to... seems that our fun had caused the little ole lady to faint ... and he was trying to scare us by telling us we had caused her to have a heart attack... boy we knew better... it was just ketchup.... but I remember we took off from the jail and we all went home right away...... Aw yes... I remember quick draw Saltysiak do you?

Elmer Chick

Mr. Winter was our 8th grade science teacher, and even to this day, I think of him as one of my favorite teachers. I'm sure he covered many topics in the science class, but the geology unit sticks in my mind. We are talking 1957--the heart of the cold war. It just so happened that Virgil Messano's dad was prospecting for Uranium--and staked a claim on the rim of the Black Canyon--having found Uranium there. Talk about rubber meeting the road. As Mr. Winter talked of geology, Virgil, myself and others spent the weekends up at his dad's claim--looking for all manner of rocks. We would range far and wide, and only took notice when we would hear Virgil's dad yell, the yell to be followed by an explosion from the dynamite in the mine shaft.

Mr. Winter's class was pretty serious--you didn't mess around. He ran a tight ship, but one that inspired most of the students. Yet, there was one personality that didn't seem to be inspired by Mr. Winter's class--that individual was Roy Tabor. I don't remember exactly what Roy did in class on a daily basis, but I do remember the day he pissed Mr. Winters off. I'm unclear exactly what provoked the initial confrontation--maybe Roy was tardy to class, but whatever, Roy mouthed off to Mr. Winters. The next thing the class knew, Mr. Winters had grabbed Roy and thown him out the door of the room and across the hall into the set of lockers on the other side. Done deal. I guess that is why we didn't mess with Mr. Winters.

Maury Kettell

Mrs. Smith was our first grade teacher. We had throw rugs that we brought at the first of the year and would all rest/nap on our rugs on the floor each day after lunch. When that time was over, we would roll up our rugs and put them away until the next day.

Mrs. Ashenbrener's son George had lukemia from which he later died. While she still had him, she bought him a new Cushman Motor Scooter. Because of his scooter, he was the envy of many other guys in school. He was a year or two older than us.

Mr. Watson used to throw chalk and board erasers out the window during warm weather when the windows were open and he was upset with us; also, I remember his paddle which he broke on me one time because I was one of those guys who insisted on talking in class when we weren't supposed to. He read the book "Ol Yeller" out loud each day after lunch--a chapter or so each day.

Leroy Walker

The highlight of the high school years for me was the debate team. Because of the small size of the group and the time commitment required, we ended up being pretty cohesive. We frequently travelled to out of town tournaments. One very memorable trip to Durango in the middle of winter ended up with us having to return through Utah because of the dangerous condition of the mountain passes.

Mr. Vorhees was our coach and chauffeur at the time. Some of the issues we debated are definitely outdated now, e.g. Should China be admitted to the UN?

My first political experience was gained helping with campaigns for student body president three years in a row. For the class ahead of us it was Bobby Suckow's campaign, for our class, Kenneth Henwood's and for the class behind us, my brother Bob's. As I recall we had posters and banners plastered all over the place. If we could only find political candidates these days we could believe in as fervently!

On the academic side, remember how Mr. Drake gave us our spelling lists by reading them instead of writing them out? We then had to look them up in the dictionary to make sure we had them right. One day one of the words was stoic. Billy Hutchins got a good laugh when he piped up "Do you mean like what brings the baby?" Occasionally Mr. Drake threw us a real curve like "Pfennig", and we all had to consult before class to find someone who had figured it out.

In biology class we always did our best to get Coach on to the subject of football, rather than our lessons. Sometimes we succeeded. The Coach's favorite punishment for such transgressions as talking in class was to make us write out a portion of the textbook. Some of us inserted irrelevancies such as nursery rhymes to see if he actually read what we wrote. It didn't occur to us till much later, that he really didn't care, since we were only making extra work for ourselves.

Kay Schlappe


1st. to Ron Hendricks, I sure hope my mother doesn't happen onto this page some night while surfing the net. What would she do to me if she found out I used to have wild parties at our house when she was out of town? Of course she already broke my heart when she "accidentally" let my pet skunk out the back door.

2nd, to Elmer Chick. Unless I had a lot to drink, that wasn't me in the trunk. I do remember hearing the story though. I think it might have been Billy D. Howard in the trunk.

Speaking of the trunk. Remember all those nights at the drive-in with one person driving the car and the rear end dragging the ground from all the people in the trunk?

About the "oasis" I sure I wasn't there because I don't remember anything....except maybe something about having to walk all the way back to town after the cops showed up....naw, that must have been someone else.

Probably the best memory of high school was sneak day and the party at Cheryl Jones' house afterward. Certain people might know why I thought that might be memorable to me. I'm not mentioning any names but, she knows who I mean.

Another night I remember had something to do with Austin, some milk cans and some gasoline and the cry "Stop or I'll shoot" I'll let Avon Carlson and Billy Howard finish that story.

Luv Ya'll,

Forrest "Buddy" Webb


Does anyone remember??

I remember that so many of us spent so many years going to school together. I remember that we all seemed to get along and have so much fun together.

I remember Mrs. Anderson's first grade class, the first day of school and one husky young man crying his eyes out. I won't name names--I remember thinking it was silly to cry because we weren't going anywhere.

I remember a teacher in grade school (I can't remember who) read a book to us called "Girl of the Limber Lost". When I got older I checked it out at the Library and read it again.

I remember "Dear Mr. Johnson" (I say that lightly) in High School making us read, analyze, explain and agonize over every word of MacBeth. It took 6 weeks.

I bet there are a lot of us girls that are thankful we took Home Economics from Mrs. Sweitzer. I probably took it because it was easy and fun but many times I have thought of the useful things I learned. Also I am thankful for Typing class everytime I sit down to my computer.

I recently read all the notes in my annuals and it sounds like I cut class with almost every girl I knew. It is a wonder I learned anything.

And lastly one short story. About 3 years after we got out of High School I went back to the High School office for something. I ran into Mr. Raney and he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was a bookkeeper for a hardware store in Montrose and he made some snide remark about being surprised that I could do anything. Nice guy--uh?? It always amazed me that he would look down on some of us---he was certainly no prize. Not nice but oh well. More later.

Sharon Huff Wilson

Boy Maurice, talk about feeling like I was back in school and given an assignment by a teacher with a deadline. It bought back memories of why I didn't like school. I had to really think about this assignment. Couldn't come up with much, guess I can blame my bad memory on old age.

My family moved to Delta during the last semester of my eight grade of school. Freshman year I ditched school more than I attended, along with Frances Smith, Opal Loving, Gladys Franklin, and others. Sophomore year Laura Thornburg and I ditched a lot, she moved to California and Linda Holt and I became buddies. Linda's family moved at the end of the school year. Junior year Juanita Miller and I became friends. Juanita worked at the fountain at Comet Drug Store after school so I spent a lot of time sitting at the counter and drinking cokes. Juanita was a brain in school and was a good influence on me because she would never ditch school. My grades started looking better and the principal liked me better.

My senior year Vera Moodie and I teamed up. Vera was dating Ronnie Kroschel. Ronnie, his buddy Billy Ruble, Charles Lindsey, Ronnie Rash, Ray Davis and I spent a lot of time dragging main.

I have to confess I had to look back through my school albums to refresh my memory on teachers. Except I could never forget English with Mrs.Innis, she usually was disgusted with me because I never had an oral report to give. The next year for English I had Mr. Hamm. Home Economics was Mrs. Sweitzer, I still have the cook book that we compiled in her class. American History, boy was that class boring, but later in life I wish I had paid more attention. Underclassman Rosie Aragon and I spent the class passing notes back and forth. Shorthand class was Miss. Rogers, I really liked this class along with Bookkeeping class by Mr. Hughes.

Mrs. McKnight's typing class was fun too, even if after all my typo errors were counted my score was 15 words per minute. Study hall was Mr.Mercer. Social Science class was taught by Mr. Wigram, who I thought was very interesting. I worked in the library one semester under Miss Good, I really liked that. Physical Ed was of course Mrs. Leighton who was a very nice lady. General Math and Drivers Ed I took by Mr. Kosorok. Biology class was taught by Mr. Stimack. The class I really enjoyed was Journalism Class, Merredith Helmick was great and tried to teach me some of her wisdom. Many times she tutored me on a school problems because I didn't understand the teacher. I always felt like it was because of her that I passed some of the classes.

Kay Stevens Suckow

About St. Michael's. I think the list of classmates were Pat Alexander, Kenneth Henwood, Leonard Taylor, Martin Hanley, Linda Knob, Cheryl Jones, James Grettner, Donna Barone, Johnny Banuelos, Raymond and Johnny Gallegos. Margie Courser, Becky Schmaltz and Shirley Schmaltz, Gary Zavadil and me.

Added 6-9-2002: Gosh am I getting old - forgot to list Donna Fedler and Anthony Carrera in our class at St.Michaels. Had so much fun walking home after school with Donna and her brothers and sister. Her mother was a wonderful cook and seamstress - loved watching Anthony draw. He was very good. It must have been late at night when I wrote to you. Most of the time I it is hard to look at the computer at home because I look at it so much at work. Can't wait to see our classmates in 47 days. Again thanks for doing such a good job. Kathleen Shea Linsley

Kathleen Shea Linsley

I guess the first memory is of our freshman initiation day; I know we had to wear our clothes backwards and I think we couldn't comb our hair and had to be "slaves" to the Seniors and carry their books to class. The rest of my memories are probably not in chronological order; the pep rally bon fires we had in the parking lot across from the school. The time two or three of the senior football players were expelled from school for shaving their heads. I think they had to stay out until they had a little hair grown back. The fun Mary Daily, Roberta Smith, and I had in P. E. in the shower rooms laughing over the silliest things. The one and only time I cut school and went with Mary and Roberta to spend the afternoon at Mary's house. That was a blast and I couldn't get my mother to write me an excuse so had to have an aunt do it for me. Of course she told my mother, but oh well, the principal accepted it. The English class with Ms. Baldrey and how the boys teased her so much, she just stood and cried. What a teacher! The fun we all had doing the senior class play, "Icebound". How many remember the character they played? The party we had afterwards and doing the twist with Mr. Mercer. Dragging the main and going to Switzer (sp.) Lake. Going to Montrose, just to see what would happen because of the rivalry. Having parties at Donna Hiler's home. Senior sneak day, singing "99 bottles of beer on the wall" all the way up and back on the bus. Every time I hear it sung, I remember. Trying our luck at riding horses. It was all right as long as the horse stood still. Julie Schmidt being the most daring to "tease" her hair and actually come to school like that! All the work it took to decorate the gym for the senior class prom and the fiasco when we tried to use a beach ball to glue bits of mirror on it so it would turn and catch the light! Signing yearbooks! I actually found mine and started reading some of the writings. Brought back lots of memories, but I swear I don't remember being in the back of a Rambler, like Chuck Ellis wrote. The many, many hours it took to put together the senior year annual. Thank goodness for Miss Good. If I had to pick a favorite teacher it would be hard to decide weather it was Miss Good or Ms. Innis. Both were darlings. So many memories and such good times we had…..

Linda Hobbs Lawley

Hello All:

To paraphrase part of my poem, "Welcome to God's House", from my book,
"Lottie's Reflections", let us enter the high school reunion, "Not as one who
sees only the faults of others, but as one with open eyes, arms, and hearts"
to all those who attend.

In high school, we all had our specific group we hung out with. When we
attend a family function, or social gathering, we tend to do the same.

For this high school reunion, lets all leave our comfort zone, put away old
concepts and experiences and be open to creating new friendships.

I look forward to our Class Reunion to rekindel old friendships and to
beginning the new.

Best Wishes To All,

Lottie Martin

We were back home last week (5-22-2002) trying to get property fixed. I thought of a couple af areas that might have been overlooked and went to get pictures, i.e the ovens at the old brickyards (terrific parking spot if you got there early enough. Anyhow, we went in search of a lot of the old "park and grope" spots and found that few still exist. The gravel pit at the road up to Garnet where the hospital is now is gone. The "road behind the swimming pool along the old ditch can't be accessed. Peach valley is still pretty open, but who likes to equate life altering experiences to the dobies? I still like to think of Devils Kitchen on Roubiduoix creek as one of the best.

Ron Hendricks

One of the things that was shared with very few people was my intense dislike for Mr. Campbell who taught Algebra II and Physics. During the first semester of Algebra II we did speed/time/distance problems which I had particular difficulty with. I never did get the solution for them and Mr. Campbell failed me for the first semester.

I had the same problems with one unit in Physics the second semester and pestered him with the same questions again. Again he failed me and put me two courses behind graduation requirements. Fortunately
for me, the number of classes changed the next year and I could make up with World History and Bookkeeping.

That summer I talked to Mr. Jordan (Reggie's dad) who was the Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief about a location for another siren to alert volunteers in the south end of town and out onto Garnet Mesa where more houses were being built. It just happened that the city owned an empty pole right at the top of
the 9th street hill and that turned out to be the ideal position for the siren because of location and cost factors. It worked out for me because it was right outside Mr. Campbell's bedroom window.

Rod Stewart

Your last email just clicked my brain. Mr. Winters, dear person, as was his father, I used to dig potatoes for them, also helping the Sheas' pick up hay, ect.

Any way, I'm sure most of you knew Bill Pope,(whom I need to get a hold of). We where probably just cruising, but I had to run home (California Mesa) and do what ever. I talked Bill into using his T- Roadster (full house Buick) put together in about 3 days I think. I was cruising up Brick yard hill (feeling pretty cool I might add) when I kept getting a glimpse of flashes from behind me. (Long before Bmers on the Autoban) I turned off towards my place and looked back; the Roadster was on fire. After a brief revue of my life (Bill is going to kill me) plus I'm going to die, I saw Mr. Winters in his carport, pulled in, "Hi! Mr. Winters, I have a slight problem, sir," as I'm running from the car. He graciously doused the flame. Bill had run a bare wire over the gas tank to the rear lights. Which I might add, he had just filled up the little tank and had gas everywhere. Gas and sparks (which Mr. Winters had probably explained in some class) causes a nasty explosion. Thank you Mr. Winters!

Lew Fraser


More memories to come


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