About 14/15, Elmer Chick and I accompanied an "older" (18) friend to Tom's Inn one night. No questions were asked and we had several beers, while being on best behavior. A few nights later we went back by ourselves and again no questions. We thereby became established as regulars, frequenting the establishment on a regular basis. We also became the prime "get a jug of beer" guys for others. We had a good deal going and didn't abuse it. One evening George Sandoval was with us, we were driving by now, and we decided to get a beer. George didn't believe we could just walk in and have a beer, so we said come with us and just act like you know what you're doing. We walked in and Elmer and I sat at our regular stools and George sat beside us. The bartender looked at Elmer and me and said"Draft?" we nodded, and then he looked at George and asked what he'd like.George promptly replied "I'd like a cup of beer." Needless to say the bartender then wanted to see IDs, which we couldn't provide and so ended our pre-eighteen beer days at Tom's. I think the beer we had at Buddy Webb's place when his skunk got drunk was purchased by us at Tom's Inn.

Ron Hendricks

1962 Main