I have a number of memories concerning Tex's. When we were in high school, the Walker's owned the bar--Nettie was the proprietor, and she ran the bar while her husband ran the tire shop behind the bar. Nettie was a good hearted women, and I suppose that is the reason I managed to talked her into serving me when I was not "of age." That "not of age" got me in trouble during the spring of our senior year. It was a spring dance--Floyd Amour and I headed down to Tex's to get a gallon of "nectar." Tex's used to sell that gallon of "nectar" off the tap. We got our gallon and headed to the dance. The dance was fun, and on occasion Floyd and I would go to the parking lot for a swig of beer. During one of our forays, Don Bush, the hired policeman stopped by our car. Duh. We were busted and got hauled off to the police station. Neither Floyd nor I had any idea what to expect--we were interrogated and gave our names, telephone numbers and pertinent information. We thought we were in for the night, but after a while, our parents showed up and got us out of jail--pending charges and court for drinking under age. Eventually we got put on probation.

Maury Kettell

We (I don't remember all the names) would hang around the bowling alley and Tex's at night. As you all recall, Tex's was the bar of choice for undocumented farm workers. I did learn from watching them knock back the ten cent drafts (remember those?) that pepper juice and a tap of salt did make the beer better. Anyhow we used to get a can of lighter fluid and a lighter an go to Tex's. If you got a big mouth full of lighter fluid then lit the lighter and held it in front of your mouth and blew hard, a huge fireball would result. We would wait until an unsuspecting, staggering person would head for the exit and time the fireball to coincide with his first step onto the sidewalk. Back then it was real fun watching their eyes get as big as a dinner plate and running back into the bar babbling something about mother of god and the devil is out there. I gave that trick up a few years later after I caught my chin on fire while demonstrating the technique to some Germans.

Ron Hendricks