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I'm not sure what it is about music and life that seem to go together hand and hand. I suspect we can all think back to different periods in our lives and associate a song to a particular period. I seem to be able to associate the songs with the stronger emotional moments in my life--when things were pretty level, I guess I wasn't paying much attention. As I look back on my "high school" life, I find a few memories running around here and there, and sure enough, there are some songs associated with those memories. I figure that is the same for you all. If you have something to share and a song to go with it, send me an email, and I will load it onto this page.

Wonderland By Night

My memory of this song involves "skinny" Bill Jones. As I recall, his dad had this nice Chrysler--or Plymouth--the kind with the big fins. It was a nice rig, and Bill and I used to just cruise the roads late into the night, talking about whatever high school males talk about (I will leave that to your imagination--ha). Of course, the only radio station worth listening to in those days was KOMA out of Oklahoma City. It was our constant companion during the late night hours. We must have heard a million songs, but this particular one sticks in my mind.

These days I listen to the oldies station and when I hear "Wonderland By Night," I'm transported back to those midnight rides along the country roads.


Maury Kettell


Cara Mia

At the risk of blasting everybody's PC resources, attached is a song that for some unknown reason makes me a little nostalgic. I put it in Real Audio format at 1.2 mb, shouldn't take too much to download. Maury wanted some nostalgia.......here it is. Cara Mia


George Sandoval

Teddy Bear

Guess I have to confess that my two most favorite songs were "Teddy Bear" and "Wake Up Little Suzy" or maybe "Patricia", Could throw in "Itsy Bitsy Yellow polka dot Bikini" and for good measure..." A Time For Us" the theme song for Romeo and Juliet that I always remembered as a great enhancement for our life.. Because back then I was going with a perky petite Brunette named Chris

E. Chick

Who Wrote the Book of Love

OK, I'll confess that the one I liked best was Who wrote the book of Love. Don't know why, it just sounded good. I also really liked both of the songs Teen Angel and Unchained Melody.

Ron Hendricks

Many Songs

I loved all music. Its hard to pick I favorite, it depended on the time and place. Since I fell in love with Elvis Presley when I was twelve years old, I loved anything by him. "Lets Twist Again", and any twist song. "Only Love Can Break A Heart", "Teen Angel", "Town Without Pity", "Puppy Love", "You Don't Know Me", "Roses Are Red", "Runaround Sue".
Remember "The Stroll", our generations version of line dancing?

Kay Stevens Suckow