This page is host to images from our school years. Most of the images have names listed--a best guess from the classmates stopping by this page. If a name is in parenthesis, it means there is doubt about the identification. If you are pretty sure about an identification, let me know and I will remove the parenthesis. 

It would be fun if we could include many photos on this page, but I need help from everyone--if you have photos, get them scanned and send them to me--either via snail mail or email.

Photo Image

First Row: ?, Kay Schlappe, ?, Helen Lopez, Don Pittsinger, Shirley Hudgens, Bill B. Jones, (Donna Davidson), Wayne Campbell.

Second Row: (George Ray), Melba Jean Ryan, Danny Munoz, (Opal Loving), ?, Ted Buckmaster, ?, ?, Lucy Wilson.

Third Row: Julie Schmidt, (Vernon Nutter), Ron Hendricks, (Patty Cole), George Sandoval, (Lidwinna Wassinger), Janet Vierse, Shirley Smith.

Teacher: Mrs. Lanning


Photo Image


This image is from Forrest Webb, here are his comments:

"I am sending a picture I had taken prom night our senior year. They are (left to right), myself, Avon Carlson, Larry Zink, Reid Wheeler and Dave Howard."


Photo Image

Twenty-year reunion photo -- click for larger image.

Image from George Sandoval.


Photo Image


Finally, here's the picture I promised. I have a box of grade school pictures somewhere. Once I find them I'll send them along too.

Front row - L to R Dick Stewart, Gordon Cheatum, Kenneth Henwood, Me,
Garette Bouton
Back row - L to R ??, ??, Mike Barrows, Julie Schmidt, Judy?

Image from Ron Hendricks


Photo Image

This image is from Dick Stewart, and he says this is the 11-12 recreation basketball league. I think I can identify most of the players--how about you? I have linked this to a bigger image--and if you click on the picture, you willbe able to see the individuals more clearly.

Top Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Lloyd Armour, ?, ?, ?, Kenneth Henwood, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Third Row: Ron Henderson, Buddy Webb, Bill H. Jones, Floyd Armour, Gene Sheppard, ?, Bill B. Jones, Dick Stewart, George Ray, Terry Brown, ? Gordon Cheatum.

Second Row: Virgil Messano, ?, Billy Bowden, ?, Ron Hendricks, Russell Reger, Lewis Frasier, ?, ?, ?, Ronnie Boren, Larry Parkinson, Steve Crumpacker, Bobby Porath, ?.

Bottom Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Dick Kirkpatrick, Fred Bellmire, ?, Gary Calhoun, George Calhoun, ?, ?, Milton Alsdorf, Jones?.


.Photo Image

This is another image provided by Dick Stewart--Mrs. Winner's 4th grade class. Again I have provided a link to a larger image so that you may get a better look at each individual.

First Row: Patsy Cole, Donna Davidson, Beverly Edson, Opal Loving, Gene Sheppard, Dick Stewart, Chuck Hallock, George Sandoval, Leon Jackson, Bill Bowden, ?.

Second Row: (Off page?), Viola Crespin, Judy Saruwatari, Ramona Messano, Tina Kading, Julie Schmidt, ?, Lucy Wilson, Janet Obergfell, ?, Glenda Halbrooks.

Third Row: Linda Forsythe, Cheryl Linn, ?, Sharon Huff, Garrett Bouton, Ron Hendricks, Larry Shreeves, Gordon Cheatum, ?

Top Row: Mrs. Winners ,

Photo Image

This image is from Ramona Messano, and she notes the calendar on the wall says 1954--fourth grade year.

First Row: Danny Munoz, Garrett Bouton, Gene Shepard, Leroy Walker, George Sandoval, Dick Stewart, Chuck Hallock, Ron Hendricks, Gordon Cheatum, Leon Jackson.

Second Row: Janet Vierse, Carolyn Bruton, Sharon Reinecke, Lucy Wilson, Donna Davidson, Tina Kading, Julie Schmidt, Janet Obergfell, Sandra Beaver, Ramona Messano.

Third Row: Patsy Cole, Beverly Edison, Linda Forsythe, Cheryl Linn, Opal Loving, Ruth Benson, Glenda Halbrooks, Viola Crespin, Bernice Trujillo, Judy Saruwatari.

Photo Image

Carol Border Buckallew sent this photo of the Delta High School Band

Photo Image

A photo of Helen Leighton from Carol Border Buckallew

Photo Image

A photo of Mrs. Good, our school librarian, from Carol Border Buckallew.

Photo Image

Lidwina Wassinger photo from Carol Border Buckallew.

Photo Image


Mr. Sperber's car--having been moved over a horizontal telephone pole. This photo is also from Carol Border Buckallew.

Photo Image

Our graduation photo from the Delta County Independent--thanks to Carolyn Bruton Welch.

Photo Image

Mrs. Dempewolf's first grade class--courtesy of Carolyn Bruton Welch

First Row: Sandra Riley, Lana Smylie, Billy Howard, Curtis Roberts, Charlie Kettle, Louis?, Jerry?, Lugar?, and Johnnie?.

Second Row: Donna Jean Hutchenson, Tina Kading, Carolyn Bruton, Buddy Webb, Viola Crespin, Roy Tabor, Charles Chrider, Danny Hartley.

Third Row: patsy Cole, Ramona Messano, Gordon Charles, David Deberly, Carol Serfoss, Tommy White, Terry Brown, Larry Shreeves.

Photo Image

This image came from George Sandoval. I recognize most of the folks in the photo--how about you?

Photo Image

Ron Hendricks sent this image of Mrs. Sherd. When I was in school, I thought that our teachers and school staff were pretty ancient--but these days they look pretty damn young.

Photo Image

This image also came from Ron Hendricks. My brain didn't store all the things that happened during lunch hour--maybe someone out there has something to share.

Photo Image

Mrs. Ashenbrenner's class courtesy of Dick Stewart. Here is a first cut on names; hopefully you all can help fill in the blanks--the names with question marks beside them need another person to confirm the identity.

Top Row: ?, Sharon Huff, ?, ?, Tommy White, Janet Oberfelt?, ?, ?, Beverly Edson, Dick Stewart, ?, Carol Border.

Bottom Row: Jerry Winkler, Felix Trujillo?, Larry Shreeves, Ron Hendricks?, Maurice Kettell, Charles Ellis, ?, Mrs. Ashenbrenner, Terry Brown, Shirley Hudgins?, Viola Crespin?, Carol Serfoss, ?.


This is another photo from Dick Stewart. Can anyone imagine a 9th grade initiation in this day and age?

Photo Image

This image is from Lucy Wilson Hodgin and is of Miss Meehan's 7th Grade English class. It was scanned from a wallet size photo--and as you can tell, the photo wasn't the best. How about them skirts?

Photo Image

This image is another from Lucy--it is of Miss Meehan.

Photo Image

This image is from Ron Hendricks--the DHJS Cheerleaders. Julie Schmidt, Janie Crouse, Charla Baxter, and Shirley Overman.

I received three images of our 10 year reunion--Richard Helmick sent the first, and I lost it due to "old timers' disease. Then Ralph and Pat (Alexander) Mangum sent another copy which was cropped a bit, and finally Kay Stevens Suckow sent me both ends of the complete photo so that I could stitch them together. Kay also sent me the photo with the spouses which is below.

10 year reunion photo with spouses

This is from Elmer Chick--he says, "a small photo from those days....taken in front of the jr. hi building with Ron Hendricks... lew Fraser. Dan Munoz, Gary and Wayne Coleman... Larry Shreeves, Buddy Webb, Gene Shepard and a few more being COOL GUYS ... of the day..."


This image comes from Donna Davidson Seitz. I've tried to fill in names, but seem to have drawn many blanks. Give me some help.

Top Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Sharon Huff, ?, ?

Middle Row: ?, ?, ?, Gordon Cheatum, Donna Davidson, ?, Floyd Armour, Danny Munoz, Opal Loving

Bottom Row: ?, ?, Maurice Kettell, ? Dick Stewart, ?

Another image from Donna Davidson Seitz. This is the Brownie Scout Troup--circa 1954. I won't even attempt names on this one--help me out here.

The junior high boys lightweight team. I tracked down Bill Bowden and during a phone conversation, he mentioned that he had this photo. He was kind enough to make copy for me.

Top Row: Mr. Mathias, Stan Davies, Kenny Miller, Gordon Cheatum, Danny Munoz

Bottom Row: Milton Abeyta, Billy Bowden, Maurice Kettell

This image is from Carolyn Bruton Welch--Mrs. McCormick's 2nd grade class.

Top Row: Tina Kading, Ron Henderson, ?, ?, Lidwina Wassinger, Kay Schlappe, ?, ?, ?, ?

Middle Row/Bottom Row: ?, Ramona Messano, Gene Shepherd, ?, Donna Hutchen, ?, ?, Donna Davidson, Linda Forsythe, ?, ?, ?, Billy Howard, Clarence Gittings, Russell Reger, Chuck Hallock.

This image comes from Ramona Messano Tranchina. It is a twin to the one above--however, folks are in slightly different poses. In fact, it looks to me like we have two different versions of the class--the "model" students and the "misbehaving" students. Same class, just different behaviors. For example, compare Gene Shepherd, Russell Reger, Chuck Hallock, Ramona Messano--what does it look like to you?


Elmer Chick sent this image of the junior high heavyweight basketball team.

Front Row: Richard Helmick, Roy Tabor, Ron Henderson, Jack Hawkins

Back Row: Coach Mathias, Anthony Carrera, Vernon Nutter, Ted Buckmaster, Brian Harder.

This image comes from Crystal Marshall Niemand and she thinks this was registration--classes of 1961, 1962, and 1963 represented in the photo.

From right to left: Ralph Mangum, Stan Averett, Bill Thomas, ?, Judy Dunn, ?, Martha Ann Soules, Kay Schlappe, Danny Blaine, Sky Fairlamb, Bob Sukle, Judy Darrow, ?, Tom Osborn

This is an image of Fairview School from Crystal Marshall Niemand. Here are her comments: "As I recall, 12 of us came from Fairview: Avon Carlson, Pat DeMoude, Marlene Ellsworth, Jack Hawkins, Merredith Helmick, Richard Helmick, Nancy Hill, Marsha Lanning, Alan Palmer, Sharon Rowland, Bill Weaver, and myself. I'm not sure of the dates (please help if anyone knows) but I think the school was built in the early 1900s and torn down in the late 60s. The community was very loyal to the school, and objected to having the students bused to Delta. The school board's response to the protests was to have the school torn down. Where were the preservationists back then? Continued loyalty is still evident in frequent Fairview reunions. People from the whole community show up if they can.

The school consisted of four classrooms, two grades to a room (yes, we were country kids mingling among all y our "city" guys in Delta). We had Esther Atkinson for 1st and 2nd, Nelle Brower for 3rd and 4th, Hazel Vela for 5th and 6th, and Floyd Pottorff for 7th and 8th. Mr Pottorff was principal of teh school and ran a tight ship. He was a real sourpuss, mouth turned down in a perpetual frown. But I liked the old guy. I remember when he let me help him pull that rope, clang that bell, and bring them all in from recess.

This first photo is of Esther Atkinson and Nell Brower's classrooms--the east wing that was built later. You can also see the cafeteria in the back.


Fairview photo from Crystal Marshall Niemand--it is of the bell tower and Mr. Pottorff's classroom. This was the oldest wing of the school. It originally consisted of only two classrooms.




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