"Disability is more an attitude than a situation. It is neither a tragedy nor a celebration; it just is. The person is not the disability"...........Judi Parker


     Judi Parker was born on a cold winter day during the latter half of WW II in Denver Colorado. She was diagnosed with a very rare birth defect "Osteogenesis Imperfecta", which is also known as Brittle Bone. The condition is two-fold; one is that the bones will actually grow very little, and the second is that the bones are very susceptible to breakage. 

    Judi was raised in Delta, Colorado. She attended public school and graduated with the Delta High School class of 1963. Through her childhood Judi not only had to contend with numerous broken bones, many of which were set on the kitchen table of her uncles home, Dr. Joe Parker in Grand Junction, but she also had to deal with living in a society that had not yet learned to make public buildings and schools wheelchair accessible.  Judi was always in the top 10% of her class and refused to be limited to the first floor of the High School. To get to those second story classes she would enlist the help of a passing pair of strong young males and upstairs she'd go, wheelchair and all.

     After graduating from Delta High School, Judi Attended Mesa State, and Fort Lewis before going on to receive a BA and MA from the University of Northern Colorado. Judi, all 40 pounds of pure determination, had decided to become a teacher; however, instead of taking a regular teaching position, she took on the task of teaching deaf, educationally handicapped, and learning disabled children including students diagnosed with ADHD. Her boss said that most of the teachers that worked for him could not handle such a class and generally requested a transfer. He also said that Judi handled the students well and never requested help in discipline problems. Judi went back to school after her first year of teaching to Adams State to become endorsed in Educationally Hnd, then returned to teaching. It was during her first teaching years in Nucla, Colorado that Judi realized one of her dreams and learned how to drive a car. Judi had been saving her money and paid cash for a brand new Monte Carlo that she simply named "Monte".

     Judi taught school for for over 30 years before retiring, and to this day, area schools still beg her to come in and substitute when one of the regular teachers isn't able to come in. Through the years Judi has replaced old "Monte" with newer high tech vans and has never been at a loss to get up and go where ever she wishes. She's a world traveler having been to New Zealand, Jamaica, and Alaska. She has also traveled extensively around the United States. When not on the go, Judi has volunteered for countless community functions and programs. Over the years Judi has also helped many struggling artists until they could get going on their own. Judi is a lady of many talents but art is one of her main loves.

     At her Delta High School  40 year class reunion (2003), Judi was presented with two surprises. The first was that the class presented her with a beautiful plaque for the "Lifetime Class Spirit Award"; The second was that the class had established a "Judi Parker Scholarship" set up in her name at the Delta High School. Each year this scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior that has the genuine grit and determination to get ahead, but just needs a little helping hand.

     Help us maintain this scholarship and give that student the helping hand, he or she, needs. Let this scholarship serve as an example of what sheer determination and focused purpose can do. With love for Judi and good old DHS, your tax deductible contributions can be sent to:

Delta High School---Judi Parker Scholarship

Attention: Becky Curtis

1400 Pioneer Road

Delta, Colorado 81416



"When we're considering what's really important in life, I feel it is the people we've known. Not the jobs we've had. Not the things we've owned. Not the things we've done. Not the places we've gone. It's the people and the impact of those people on our lives"...........Judi Parker