Class of 1962--Then and Now

Below you will find then and now images of your classmates. If you see a classmate that is deceased and we have the obituary, click the link to the Obiturary's Page.


ImagePat Alexander

"A toast to the girl with a heart and a smile who makes this bubble of life worthwhile."

Pat Alexander Mangum


ImageFloyd Amour

"Don't push me, I like to saunter."


Photo ImageDiane Anderson

"A friendly girl and a charming lass, a worthy addition to our class."



Diane Anderson Edie


Photo Image Betty Apple Deceased


Betty Apple Reger

Photo ImageJohnny Banuelos

"It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice."

Photo ImageDonna Barone Deceased

"Dynamite comes in little packages."


Donna Barone Fergeson


Photo ImageGary Bayleu


"Let the world slide on, I'll not budge an inch."

Ruth Benson


Ruth Benson Head
Photo ImageFrances Blake

"Those who say little know much."

Frances Blake Tiffany
Photo ImageCarol Border

"Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad."

Photo Image

Carol Border Buckallew

Photo ImageTerry Brown

"I'm not as bashful as I look."

Photo Image
Photo ImageCarolyn Bruton

"It is also possible that blondes prefer gentlemen."

Photo Image

Carolyn Bruton Welch

Photo ImageTed Buckmaster Deceased

"A friendly smile, a quiet air, the two make quite a pair."


Photo ImageWayne Campbell

"Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow---what then?"

Photo ImageAvon Carlson

"Think not I am what I appear."

Photo ImageAnthony Carrera

"Life is to be lived not studied away."

Photo ImageGordon Cheatum

"Bachelor? A rolling stone who gathers no moss."

Photo ImageElmer Chick


Photo Image

Marilyn and Elmer Chick


Photo ImageGerald Clark

"A mind equal to any undertaking that he puts it alongside of."

Photo Image

Gerald (Jerry) Clark

Photo ImageWayne Coleman

"Life is just one darned thing after another."


Photo ImageViola Crespin

"Silence is golden."



Viola Crespin Trujillo

Photo ImageJaynie Crouse

"Napoleon was little to, but look what he did."

Jaynie Crouse Latimer
Photo ImageMary Daley

"Live, laugh, love, and be happy."



Mary Daley Watson

Photo ImagePat Da Moude

"The will to do and the soul to dare."

Pat Da Moude Schrick
Photo ImageDonna Davidson

"Keep smiling, it makes everyone wonder what you have been up to."

Photo Image

Donna Davidson Seitz

Photo ImageBeverly Edson

"Tiny but full of energy and fun."



Beverly Edson Brown

Photo ImageCharles Ellis

"A guy always manages to manage."

Photo ImageChuck Ellis


Photo ImageMarlene Ellsworth

"A winning smile and a joking air."

Marlene Ellsworth Ball


Photo ImagePatty Cole Farmer

"Love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt."

Patty Cole Farmer
Photo ImageDonna Fedler

"She worries not; she hurries not; her calm is undisturbed."

Donna Fedler Distel

Linda Forsythe






Linda Forsythe Hooker


Photo ImageGladys Franklin


"I come to class when I have nothing else to do."



Gladys Franklin Johnson


Photo ImageLewis Fraser

"If there's nothing to be said, he'll always say it."

Photo ImageJohnnie Gallegos Deceased


Photo ImageBonnie Gastineau


bonniegnow.jpg - 13753 Bytes

Bonnie Gastineau Malast

Photo ImageClarence Gittings

"A man who works from daylight to sundown keeping out of work."

Photo ImageEmily Graybeal

"Live and let live."

Emily Graybeal Latimer
Photo ImageJames Grettner

"Life of the party."

Photo ImageTommy Hall

"Tommy may be sort of shy, but once you know him, he's quite a guy."

Photo ImageChuck Hallock


Photo ImageJuanita Hammondtree




Juanita Hammondtree Duron

Photo ImageMartin Hanley

"I don't care what happens, just so it doesn't happen to me."

Photo ImageBryan Harder

"Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition--blondes, red heads, brunettes."

Photo ImageJack Hawkins Deceased

"He rises to every occasion."

Photo ImageMerredith Helmick

"The only way to help yourself is to help others."

Merredith Helmick Von Burg
Photo ImageRichard Helmick

"He answered the call of his country and joined the Navy."

Photo Image

ronhenderson.jpg - 11654 BytesRon Henderson


Photo Image

Photo ImageRon Hendricks


Photo Image
Photo ImageKenneth Henwood

"The heart to contrive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute."

Photo Image
Photo ImageDonna Hiler

"Laugh and the world laughs with you."

Donna Hiler Phillips

Photo ImageNancy Hill


"Li'l bundle of joy."



Nancy Hill Goetz

Photo ImageLadell Hines

"Her words are as true as steel."



Ladell Hines Britain

Photo ImageLarry Hines Deceased

"Women, what are they?"

Photo ImageLinda Hobbs

"She is gentle, she is shy, but there's mischief in her eye."


Linda Hobbs Lawley

Photo ImageVerne Hollenbeck

"Character is the arbiter of everyone's fortune."

Photo ImageBilly Howard

"I try to hard to be good."


Photo ImageSharon Huff

"The fairest garden is her looks."

Sharon Huff Wilson
Photo ImageBill B. Jones

"It is difficult to keep quiet if you've nothing to do."

billbnow.jpg - 7118 Bytes
Photo ImageBill H. Jones

"As large as life and twice as natural."

Photo ImageCheryl Jones Deceased

"Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies."

Photo ImageSandra Jordan

"A fair exterior is a silent recommendation."


Sandra Jordan Baker

Photo ImageTina Kading Deceased

"She is as lovely as a star which lightens the night."

Photo ImageJohn Kersey

"Serious minded and humorous to, a personality that's all new."

Photo ImageMaurice Kettell

"The most wonderful things in nature are the smallest."

Photo ImageEllen Ketter

"Happy as the birds of spring."




Photo ImageCharles Kettle Deceased

"A very gentle beast and of good conscience."

Photo ImageRichard Kintigh

"Easy glum, easy glow."

Photo ImageLinda Knob Deceased

"Quiet, shy, but oh my!"




Linda Knob Dawson


Photo ImageSharon Lammey

"Full of pep, vim and vitality."

Photo Image

Sharon Lammey Moore

Photo ImageMarsha Lanning

"I saw and I loved."

Marsha Lanning Thomas

Photo ImageLawrence Lewis


"Determination is the key to success."

Photo ImageCheryl Linn

"The best day is today."




Cheryl Linn Hudson

Photo ImageHelen Lopez

"Nothing is so popular as kindness."



Helen Lopez Lindemann

Photo ImageDon MacKendrick

"A man's task is always light if his heart is light."

Photo ImageDavid Maddox

"My life is earnest, my life is real."

Photo ImageRalph Mangum

"Wine, women and song are very tiring--guess I'll give up singing."

Photo ImageCrystal Marshall

"Good in poetry and in art, always willing to do her part."

Crystal Marshall Niemand
Photo ImageLottie Martin

"Happy am I, from care I'm free; why aren't they all content like me."

Photo Image

Lottie Martin Hufford

Photo ImageRamona Messano

"A sunny nature and a busy mind."

Ramona Messano Tranchina

Photo ImageVirgil Messano

"It takes a might conscientious man to tell whether he's tired or just lazy."

Photo ImageJuanita Miller

"Some say she's bashful, others doubt it."

Juanita Miller Thielo
Photo ImageKenneth Miller

"A guy who looks as friendly as he is."

Photo ImageRoberta Miller


Roberta Miller Loucks
Photo ImageVera Moody Deceased

"No matter what others may be, whe will always be herself."


Vera Moody Kroschel

Photo ImageDanny Munoz

"It isn't what you do, it's what you're caught doing."

Photo ImageJan Newsom

"A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance."


Jan Newsom Conner



Vernon Nutter

"Still waters run deep."

Photo ImageJanet Obergfell

"I'll do the difficult now; the impossible will take a little longer."


Janet Obergfell Phillips

Photo ImageJane Osborn

"Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind."

Jane Osborn LeRoux
Photo ImageAlan Palmer

"He has ideas and expresses them freely."

Photo ImageDolly Parsons

"Gentle and persuasive."



Dolly Parsons Durant

Photo ImageMary Lou Pieper

"A diamond is a girl's best friend."

Mary Lou Pieper Belleville
Photo ImageDon Pittsinger

"Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled by great ambitions."

Photo ImageGeorge Ray

"I live in the crowd of jollity."

Photo ImageRussell Reger

"The world knows nothing of its greatest men."

Photo ImageSharon Rowland

"Laughing, smiling, evermore, she's a girl we all adore."

Sharon Rowland Fuller
Photo ImageMelba Ryan

"Life without laughter would be dreary, indeed."

Jeannie Ryan Burritt

Photo ImageDan Salyer

"Who needs to eat, I live on love alone."

Photo ImageGeorge Sandoval

"Should life all labour be?"

Photo Image
Photo ImageKay Schlappe

"In her mind the wisest books."




Photo ImageJulie Schmidt Deceased

"Pep, energy, spirit and fun all rolled into one."

Julie Schmidt Sodia
Painting ImageCarol Serfoss

"A friend to all, an enemy to none."

Carol Serfoss Wright

Photo ImageKathleen Shea

"Her smile could move the earth."

Kathleen Shea Linsley
Photo ImageGene Sheppard

"The force of his own merit makes his way."

Photo ImageLarry Shreeves

"The lion is not as fierce as he is painted."

Photo ImageDiane Sieverson


"Women not only like to conquer but to be conquered."


Diane Sieverson Husted

Photo ImageFran Smith

"The very pink of perfection."



Frances Smith Ford

Photo ImageMartha Ann Soules

"She has a quiet smile for everyone."

Martha Ann Soules Metcalf
Photo ImageGloria Spallinger

"Gentle and merciful and just."



Gloria Spallinger Zerr

Photo ImageKay Stevens

"A very busy girl, but never too busy for fun."

Kay Stevens Suckow
Photo ImageDick Stewart

"The man who seeks one thing in life and but one, hopes to achieve it before life is done."

Photo ImagePaula Stone





Paula Stone Wiseman

Photo ImageRoy Tabor Deceased

"A good man never dies."

Photo ImageLeonard Taylor


"Slumber is more sweet than toil."

Photo ImageZane Toombs


"When he spoke, he took us unaware for words with him were always rare."

Photo ImageFelix Trujillo


Photo ImageGeraldine Turner

"She is kind, she is sweet, she's a girl that's hard to beat."


Geraldine Turner Karsten

Photo ImageLeroy Walker

"Preserve me from unseasonable and immodest sleep."

Photo Image
Photo ImageLidwina Wassinger

"All that glistens is not gold."

Lidwina Wassinger Dalla
Photo ImageBill Weaver

"Born to be a leader."

Photo ImageForrest Webb

"Take care of me, great men are rare."

Photo Imagefff

Forrest and his wife Tina


Photo ImageReid Wheeler (Deceased)

"A smile with an intent to do mischief."

Photo ImageLucy Wilson

"An amiable all around girl."


Lucy Wilson Hodgin

jerrywinkler.jpg - 11808 BytesJerry Winkler

"If study makes a man, take me back to my cradle days."


Photo ImageGary Zavadil

"This busy world and I shall ne'er agree."

Photo ImageLarry Zink

"Two dimples tack his smile in place."