The wrestling team trained at the Delta Amoury. We would get out of school and head for the locker room, change into our clothes, and then run from the high school to the amoury. It was a good warm-up, and most days we did run the four blocks. Once in practice, Coach Tooker did his best to keep us in shape. We ran laps around the inside of the amoury, did sit-ups, leg raisers, and push-ups until it hurt--and then we did more. We wrestled with our counterparts--those wrestlers that were close to our weight. On Wednesdays, we would have wrestle-offs--to see who got to wrestle varsity--many times that was a given, but some times it wasn't. After a hard practice, we would run back to the high school, get a shower, dress and head home for the evening. Wrestling season was in the winter, and winter means dark and cold. I can remember many nights, coming out of the locker room, exhausted from a hard workout, and stepping into the cold dark night. My walk home wasn't much--maybe a half mile--but it seemed like a long way in the night, after a hard wrestling practice.

That's my thought--I know we have several wrestlers online for the class of 1962--Russell Reger, Brian Harder, Virgil Messano, Lewis Fraser--and in the class of 1963--Bob County, John Satterfield, Don Howard, John Sheetz, Larry Parkinson, and Ray Pittsinger. It would be interesting to get their perspective.

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