Legacy of the Class of 1997

Every class that passes through the halls of DHS makes an impact on the City of Delta and on the school.  The following is a list of things that the class of 97 brought to the halls of DHS, some of them are still around today.

Amendment to School Colors:
The class of 1997 spearheaded a student initiative to have the school colors changed from.... GREEN, GOLD, WHITE... to GREEN, BLACK, GOLD, WHITE.

School Mascot:
At the suggestion of class officers from 97 the school mascot costume was purchased.  The mascot was then present to show Panther Pride at all school events. To my knowledge this was the first time a fully costumed mascot was used to represent DHS (Please contact me if this is incorrect).

The class of 1997 was the first to develop and broadcast cable television programming from DHS. 
Programming included: tape delayed broadcast of Panther sporting events (including commentary); advertising for local non-profits; and a looped slideshow with information on community and DHS events.

Around DHS:
Around DHS were televised morning announcements.  All material was created by students.  Students were responsible for the "intro", "outro", and newscast style delivery of the daily announcements.  See some clips here .

We were very fortunate to be a part of the dawn of so many wonderful DHS traditions.  Saddly, the class of 97 also expeirenced the sunset on other traditions.

DHS Calculus Breakfast Club:
For years, calculus at DHS was taught by the beloved Mr. Davis.  Mr. Davis was a wonderful teacher.  He taught his students vital skills for math, learning, and life.  Mr. Davis started the breakfast club as a way to reward students who had worked hard enough throughout high school in order to reach calculus (which, at the time was the highest math class offered at DHS). 

Every Friday, members of the calculus class would meet for an early breakfast at C&J Restaurant.  Breakfast would finish right as the first bell rang, and everyone would be in class no more than 15 minutes late.  Year after year, this practice brought a sense of camaraderie to some of the most dedicated students to walk the halls of Delta High.  Once a week, this hard-working bunch would take a break from the rigorous course the had chosen for themselves (a course so daunting sometimes even candidates for Validictorian would shy away to protect their GPA).  After the 1997 school year the calculus class was no longer scheduled 1st block, making the breakfast meetings an impossibility. 

On behalf of the class 97 and all the classes before, I would like to extend a special thanks to Mr. Davis for all of his dedicated teaching, and starting this rewarding tradition.

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