Class Favorites







Most Athletic

Curtis Kuhn

Jill Strain

Most Likely to Succeed

Mike Magill

Wendy Bair

Best Eyes

Jesse Kendrick

Myra Foster

Best Smile

Kirk Smith

Mindy Williamson

Most Talented

Matt Kevan

Dana Wolf

Most Outgoing

Ben Munoz

Sarah Wallace

Most Shy

Jonathan White

Hillary Hatter

Class Clown

Kelly McCormick

Becky Suppes

Least Changed

William Smyth

Sabrina Panter

Most Changed

Casey Allen

Jennifer Ahlberg

Best Personality

Lynfield Hines

Mindy Williamson

Most Spirited

Ben Munoz

Brooke Mitchell

Most Flirty

Terry Miller

Kim Dillie

Best Laugh

Albert Sandoval

Jennifer Wrich


Mike Magill

Kristin Gallup

Most Attractive

Steve Welfelt

Kyndi Newman

Best Dressed

Steven Armendariz

Crystal Springer

Best Hair

Todd Amoroso

Christy Vincent

Teacherís Pet

Lance Timbreza

Jessica Lovato

Best Dancer

Travis Lishcke

Lina Schumacher

Cutest Couple

Matthew Horn and Susie Gonzales


Best Listener

Travis McCarty

Karissa Lemon

Most Accident Prone

Pat Hellman

Katie Park

Most Organized

Lance Timbreza

Jessica Antal

Most Likely to be Remembered

Darek Evans and Danny Montgommery


Most Photogenic

Steve Welfelt

Mindy Williamson

Most Artistic

Mike Workman

Kathleen Brown

Most Musical (vocal)

Shaun Valdovinos

Victoria Gilder

Most Musical (inst)

Nathan Sego

Sabrina Panter


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