The following is a dragging Main memory designed to see if any feed back will be generated by the victim. Every time I would come behind Carolyn Bruton at the stop light, I would push her car into the intersection for a laugh. I'll tell it so that she can refute my interpretation.

One of the things I remember about Main Street is how we all got licenses and cars around the same time and began engaging in the time honored feat of dragging Main. As I recall, it was one mile from U-turn to U-turn. We all saw each other all day at school, but had to honk and wave at each other as we passed in opposite directions on Main. The strongest recollection I have of dragging main is: How really bad a driver Carolyn Bruton was. I remember that every time I would come up behind her when she was stopped at the stoplight she would roll her car into the intersection. She and the girls with her would then wave their hands and fingers at us to take their place at the light. It was nice of her to give me her spot. I guess she didn't think much of running the red.

Ron Hendricks

DHS 1962 Main