Delta High School Class of '65

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How many of these can you answer?

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Who taught High School Woodshop?
Who taught Music?
Who was the band instructor?
Who taught Ag?
Where did everyone go to drink beer when they turned 18?
Who was Roger Sholby?
Who was Rex Howell?
Who was Mrs. McCormick?
Who was Eve Town?
Where did everyone drink beer before they were 18?
What did Norm Smiths dad do?
Who wrote the school song?
Who was Mr. Veachum?
Who was Mr. Saltysiak?
Who had the Red “Bucket T” hot rod?
Who was Leonard Wilcox?
What did Mrs. Murry Teach?
Who was the “Big 8”?
What did the “Big 8” do?
Where the hell is Devil’s Kitchen?
Who was Miss Sherd?
What class did Mrs. Sidebottom teach?
What did Keith Drake Teach?
Who was Ted Wiggram?
What did Mrs. Drake teach?
Who stood up in assembly and told the other classmates to quite down?
Who was Floyd Moss?
What did Bob Stimac do?
What was the # 1 Song of 65?
What did Mr. Barrett teach?
Who was Mrs. Dempiwolfe?
Where was Jones’s market?
What did Dick Switzer teach?
Who was Doris Stockham?
Who stayed up in the Hested’s 5 & 10 Cent Store window on the radio for 90 plus hours?
What did Miss Fickland Teach?
What class did Mr. Ewing Teach?
Where was Huck Finn day held?
Who had the Bonniville Convertible that the Home Coming Queen’s Rode in?
What did Mrs. McKnight teach?
Who was Ollie Leighton?
Who was Bill Noyes?
Who played the Car Horn Piano in the Deltarado Days parade?
What did our class build for the 1965 Home Coming parade that won 1st place?
What did Miss Ficki teach?
Who was Mr. Shaw?
What were the names of the two elementary school buildings on Meeker and 4th Street?
Who was Ed Tooker?
What was the theme of our Jr. Prom?
What did Jim Malone teach?
Who was Tom Hardy?
Who was Bill Taggert?

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Send me more trivia to add to list. We will answer them all at the Reunion Dinner next year!


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