Delta High School Class of '65

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Words to Live by

Life is not  meant to be  a journey to the grave with the intention
of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up,
totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming --
WOW -- What a Ride!



If your birthday is 1 / 1 / 1947
 you are 57 years old and about:

30 years 2 months younger than Walter Cronkite, age 87
26 years 7 months younger than Pope John Paul II, age 84
22 years 7 months younger than George Herbert Bush, age 80
15 years 3 months younger than Barbara Walters, age 72
13 years 1 month younger than Larry King, age 70
6 years 11 months younger than Ted Koppel, age 64
3 years 6 months younger than Geraldo Rivera, age 61
0 years 6 months younger than George W. Bush, age 58
4 years 6 months older than Jesse Ventura, age 53
8 years 10 months older than Bill Gates, age 48
13 years 8 months older than Cal Ripken Jr., age 44
19 years 6 months older than Mike Tyson, age 38
23 years 7 months older than Jennifer Lopez, age 34
29 years 0 months older than Tiger Woods, age 28
35 years 6 months older than Prince William, age 22


and you were:

54 years old at the time of the 9-11 attack on America
53 years old on the first day of Y2K
50 years old when Princess Diana was killed in a car crash
48 years old at the time of Oklahoma City bombing
47 years old when O. J. Simpson was charged with murder
46 years old at the time of the 93 bombing of the World Trade Center
44 years old when Operation Desert Storm began
42 years old during the fall of the Berlin Wall
39 years old when the space shuttle Challenger exploded
37 years old when Apple introduced the Macintosh
36 years old during Sally Ride's travel in space
34 years old when Pres. Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr.
32 years old at the time the Iran hostage crisis began
29 years old on the U.S.'s bicentennial Fourth of July
27 years old when President Nixon left office
25 years old when Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace was shot
22 years old at the time the first man stepped on the moon
21 years old when Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated
18 years old during the Watts riot
16 years old at the time President Kennedy was assassinated
12 years old when Hawaii was admitted as 50th of the United States
10 years old when the Soviet satellite Sputnik 1 was launched
6 years old at the end of the Korean War





    Just in case you weren't feeling old enough today, this will
    certainly change things. Each year the staff at Beloit College in
    Wisconsin puts together a list to try to give the Faculty a sense of
    the mindset of this year's incoming freshman.

Here is this year's list:
    The people who are starting college this fall across the nation were

    born in 1985.


    They have no meaningful recollection of the Reagan Era and probably

    did not know he had ever been shot.


    They were prepubescent when the Persian Gulf War was waged.
There has been only one Pope in their lifetime.
    They were 10 when the Soviet Union broke apart and do not remember
    the Cold War.

    They are too young to remember the space shuttle blowing up.

Tiananmen Square means nothing to them.
    Bottle caps have always been screw off and plastic.

Atari predates them, as do vinyl albums.

The statement "You sound like a broken record" means nothing to
    They have never owned a record player.
    They have likely never played Pac Man and have never heard of Pong..
    They may have never heard of an 8 track. The Compact Disc was

    introduced when they were 1 year old.
    They have always had an answering machine.
    Most have never seen a TV set with only 13 channels, nor have they
    seen a black and white TV.
    They have always had cable.
    There have always been VCRs, but they have no idea what BETA was.

    They cannot fathom not having a remote control.

    They don't know what a cloth baby diaper is, or know about the
    "Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up" commercial..
    Feeling old Yet? There's more:
    They were born the year that Walkmen were introduced by Sony.
    Roller skating has always meant inline for them.

Michael Jackson has always been white.
    Jay Leno has always been on the Tonight Show.
    They have no idea when or why Jordache jeans were cool.

    Popcorn has always been cooked in the microwave.
    They have never seen Larry Bird play.
    They never took a swim and thought about Jaws.

    The Vietnam War is as ancient history to them

as W.W.I, W.W.II and the Civil War.

    They have no idea that Americans were ever held hostage in Iran.
    They can't imagine what hard contact lenses are.

They don't know who Mork was or where he was from.

(The correct  answer, by the way, is Ork)

    They never heard: "Where's the beef?",

"I'd walk a mile for a Camel," or

"De plane, de plane!"
    They do not care who shot J.R. and have no idea who J.R. was.
       Kansas, Chicago, Boston, America, and Alabama

are places, ---- not bands.
    There has always been MTV.
    They don't have a clue how to use a typewriter.
    Do you feel old yet?



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