In August 2002, members of the 1960 state championship football team received a letter from Delta High School, inviting them back to a reunion for the 1960 football team. The date for the reunion was set for October 4, 2002 which was to coincide with Delta's annual homecoming game. Below you will find images from that reunion. If your memory is really good, you will see some players from the 1959 team--it was a great team in its own right, and as things worked out, some were able to attend the 1960 reunion--we are all family in one way or the other.

Members of the 1960 team lined up at midfield.


Welcome sign at 2nd and Main.

Another welcome sign for the 1960 football State Champs.

Axel Hasto signing the blow-up of the football team photo.

Axel Hasto, Jerry Schendel, Jim Parks, Wilber Fix, Coach Stimack, Brian Harder.

Lloyd Armour, Coach McGarvin, Coach Stimack, Brian Harder.

The Coaches.

Memory board with newspaper articles.

Axel Hasto, Lloyd Armour, Brian Harder and Vernon Nutter.

The Coaches.

Team Photo.

Team Photo.

Team Photo.

Team Photo.


Reunion breakfast on Friday morning.

Reunion breakfast.

Reunion breakfast.

Coach Kreutz, Maurice Kettell, Jerry Wethington, Jerry Schendel, Ralph Mangum, Lloyd Armour, Bob Schlappe.

Coach Stimack addressing the crowd. Left to right: Eldon Miller, Ray Marvel, Coach Stimack, Kenny Miller, Anthony Carrera, and Eddie Ball.

On the field with the cheerleaders. Maurice Kettell, Coach McGarvin, Coach Kreutz.

\The better half of the coaches. Arlene McGarvin, Ruth Stimack, and Dorthynell Kreutz.


Jerry Schendel

From left to right--Kent Sayler (light checkered shirt), Coach Kreutz (dark checkered shirt), and Lloyd Armour right foreground.

The backfield from left to right. Brian Harder, Fred Bellmire, Anthony Carrera, Virgil Messano, Eddie Ball, Kenny Miller.

L to R -- Dick Kirkpatrick, Eddie Ball, Kenny Miller

Linemen from left to right -- Ralph Mangum, George Ray, Jerry Schendel, Jerry Wethington, Lloyd Armour, Wilbur Fix, Axel Hasto, and Jim Parks.

Brian Harder

The Coaches -- Coach Kreutz, Coach Stimack, Coach McGarvin

Ralph Mangum and Russell Reger

Kent Salyer, Coach McGarvin, and Jim Parks (dark sweater with white collar)

Eddie Ball and coach Stimack

George Ray

Russell Reger and Maurice Kettell

Jerry Schendel and Alex Hasto

Coach Kreutz and Axel Hasto

Eldon Miller and Dan Jones

Wilbur Fix, Eddie Ball, Jim Parks

Kenneth Miller and Mike Henwood

Axel Hasto

Jim Parks, Lloyd Armour, and Eddie Ball

Wilbur Fix, coach Stimack, Jim Parks, and Lloyd Armour

Coach Stimack

Jim Parks, Lloyd Armour, Ralph Mangum, Eddie Ball, Kent Salyer

Coach Stimack, Jim Parks, and Ralph Mangum

Doyle Atchley

Eldon Miller, Dan Jones, Mike Henwood, Maurice Kettell, Jerry Wethington, and Bob Schlappe

Maurice Kettell, Bob Schlappe, and Russell Reger

Tony Carrera and Virgil Messano

Coach Kreutz and Maurice Kettell

Jerry Schendel and Jerry Wethington

Dick Kirkpatrick and Fred Bellmire

Eldon Miller, Jerry Schendel, Mike Henwood, and Bob Schlappe

Axel Hasto, Jerry Schendel, Wilber Fix, Jim Parks, Coach Stimack, Brian Harder

Maurice Kettell and Russell Reger

Ray Marvel, Jerry Wethington, and Dick Kirkpatrick

Maurice Kettell and Anthony Carrera

Maurice Kettell, Russell Reger, and Ralph Mangum

More images to come

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